Monday, April 8, 2013

Whip It

So Saturday night my friend and I attended our first roller derby bout to see the Jet City Rollergirls. It cost $13 admission with a military discount and the event lasted well over three hours. There was a raffle, entertainment provided by the rollergirls and skateboarders too, and team merchandise for sale (which I didn't get anything because I don't know what team in the league I'm going to be rooting for yet!). 

I knew the gist of the game but was relieved when they had a video in the opening of the bout that explained the rules. Then, each team member was announced before the game began with each one of their pictures put up on the big screen for the whole gymnasium to see. 

The first bout was between the Camaro Harems (the local team) and a team from Bellingham, WA called Tough Love. 

And the second bout was between two local league teams, Carnevil versus The Pink Pistols. 

I had a great time though the bleachers were terribly uncomfortable! It was interesting to see all the walks of life that the roller derby bout attracted from young to old, conservative to alternative. It looked so fun to play that it might be something that I begin to look into... while I have good insurance. 

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