Monday, April 29, 2013

Cake Catwalk

I'm now about five days into my internship and I've gotten to practice quite a bit. I've constructed cakes, filled some with filling, iced them (buttercream, whipped, and cream cheese), and airbrushed and decorated them. It's challenging and it tries your patience. 

Finding the right amount of pressure for each different icing can be really frustrating and I end up taking forever just to frost the cake to my liking. Then I feel stuck on what to put on the cakes once they're iced because I don't know what to do and I don't want it to look stupid. I know that my cake decorator has got to be frustrated with my lack of faith in myself when it comes to deciding what to decorate the cakes with but I just don't really know what to do yet. 

And the writing still kinda freaks me out because I don't want it to be off-center and ugly. 

So here they are! 

First coming down the runway is a goofy-trendy cupcake cake who's two-tone whipped frosting will remove once you take away the cupcake! She's covered in Spring flowers and leaves and she's half chocolate/half vanilla!

Our next cake is a part of The Tim Series, as I'd like to call it (during the course of the week there was: Happy Birthday Tim! Good Luck Tim! and now Farewell Tim!). He's covered in navy and blue masculine border dots with a two-tone writing for extra definition! The smiley face waves happily as if both wishing Tim good luck and being happy that he's finally gone so someone can creep in on his wonderful corner office!

Eva won't forget her 10th birthday and her One Direction cake with the off-center 1D logo and airbrushed purple whipped frosting. This cake and the rest of your co-worker's kid's birthday party you don't even care about is coming to a Facebook birthday photo album near you!

And next there's the gender neutral Elle and Wally cake! Who could forget these two and their coordinating birthdays? They may even sport their matching couple's outfits to match the cake! They special requested the nuts along the border because these two are so nutty and thought their cake should reflect it! 

Here comes Mary and her pink-on-the-bottom border and white shelled border on top! She's also sporting purple, pink, and yellow Spring flowers with two-toned yellow and pink icing writing! Mary's also got sprouting and fun flowers creeping up around her cake sides, so fun and flirty!

Then there's Jenny who's not shy about telling the world that she's twenty-nine. No age shame here, folks! She's frosted with whipped icing with fun, grooved sides. And look at those lovely cherries all over! Work it, girl!

*The stories are fictional and are for entertainment purposes only. I'd be mortified if the owners of these cakes were to contact me and complain about how they do not wear matching outfits (I'm looking at you, Elle and Wally) and everyone does, in fact, care about their child's One Direction birthday party. 

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  1. All these cakes look awesome! And delicious :)