Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bakery Or Cafe?

Last week I tried out another local bakery to see their offerings. And something that seems to be a common thing are places calling themselves bakeries that have a very minimal selection of actual "baked" things. Like bakery is becoming synonymous for cafe or something now. Most "bakeries" I've been coming across lately have soups and sandwiches and that doesn't seem very much like a bakery to me.

This bakery I sampled, we'll call it Mi Amour Bakery, had a very attractive selection of items but very small. 

(Side note: look at that hot platter I scored at Target in the clearance section... $6.98, baby!)

First: the pecan tart and the lemon tart. The pecan tart was very tasty- sweet but not overly so. It was, pretty much, what a pecan tart should be and I would definitely get one again if I ever went back to Mi Amour Bakery. The lemon tart was good too but definitely a little bitter for my tastes. I loved the cute meringue on the top. Both tarts were very visually appealing, aren't they?

This chocolate chip cookie was probably the best cookie I've gotten out so far. It was a little dry but not something a little milk can't fix. It was thick without being too cakey and crispy without being too crunchy. 

We also got two chocolate croissants that looked very good. The powdered sugar sprinkled wistfully on top, the chocolate oozing out from the creases. This looked to be filled with chocolate. 

While better than our past croissant experience, I was still a little disappointed. Am I expecting too much chocolate from what's described as a chocolate croissant?

I was pleased with the overall quality of the items but still... not worried about the competition.

P.S. Today I'm starting a tentative cake decorating internship at another local bakery... we'll see how it goes!


  1. The chocolate chip cookie looks especially delicious!

  2. It's the best one I've gotten in the surrounding-Seattle area so far and that includes a bakery in Pike Place Market!