Friday, April 26, 2013

Room Crashing!

Today we're going on a little tour of two (yes, two) of my brother's rooms. Since the upstairs has three bedrooms and the downstairs has one, we decided that it would be great to have Russ and me have our own apartment downstairs and my brother could take one extra bedroom for his study. 

The rooms aren't terribly large in this rental so this was a good use of space. He also got the extra wall space he craved by dividing his wall art between his study and his bedroom.

Here's his study space: he's got his computer desk on one side and on the other he has claimed our old dining room table (side note: YES we finally solved our table problem with an incredible find- more on that tomorrow) for room to sprawl out his books and writings. 
Rug- Target
He's got an eclectic mix of things that represent his interests like the arts, history, and science.
Globe- Value Village Thrift Store

The blank rental walls were a great way to showcase his interesting art collection and clock.

Then across the hall, his bedroom is a little less sophisticated and a little more Hollywood and rock 'n roll.

He's got the canvases that I made for him hanging up together. 

And some albums and a fabric poster behind his bedroom door. 

He's got his bed set up like a cushy daybed with a million pillows with the KISS sock monkeys that I made for him for his birthday. 

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