Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Table For Few

Our little dining set is rather well-traveled. From our first apartment in Virginia Beach- 

To our second apartment in Norfolk-

To our current residence in Washington state.

After nearly three years, our cute little espresso table is finally showing its age. Having only cost $199, that equates to about $67 a year we've spent on this table. With all the problems the table has, there's no really rehab-ing it at all. It wasn't made with solid, durable wood so the only option really is to toss it out or donate it to Goodwill or something.

The top is scratched from anything from sliding a plate across it (seriously) to nail scratches from my cat's running leaps. 

We've been looking for a reasonably priced replacement for months now to no real avail. The only tables that I've been in love with are at World Market. They often have 50% off dining table sales but we have yet to pull the trigger on getting one. The World Market tables have a beautiful, weathered look on top which would prevent it from becoming defaced from cat scratches or normal wear and tear. 

First, there's this modern country table that was recently on sale for $224 from $299. It also came in a gorgeous turquoise and white options that are since discontinued. However, this table is temporarily out of stock online and our local World Market doesn't have it! 

Wouldn't the table look beautiful with these chairs from Overstock? You can get a set of two for $144 (and Overstock often has coupons and sales too).

There's also this metal table with a weathered top that was recently on sale for $263 from $329. I don't like it nearly as much as the first table but it would be an interesting choice. I haven't found any chairs that I like with it and the ones that come in the set are metal and extremely uncomfortable-looking. 

There's also two DIY options that I love as well. I would love to make a table but the thought is also extremely intimidating. 

From A Beautiful Mess there's a lovely table with some quaint, mismatched painted chairs. I'm totally in love with the mismatched look and love the yellow color. I'd love to replicate this look but I'm not sure about my building ability or what color I'd paint the chairs. 

Another blog, Creature Comforts Blog (that I found via Pinterest) completed a weathered table with legs bought from Ikea for only $10!

This table even makes those uncomfortable metal chairs look charming. 

This table dilemma leads me to the eternal question: DIY or buy? I've been afraid to make a decision so we've just been living with my poor, shaky, old table for nearly four months now. What to do?

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