Friday, April 19, 2013

Snow Home-Ish

After hearing how quaint and cute downtown Snohomish, Washington is, we decided to finally head up the eighteen-or-so miles to check it out. A quick look at their website and it's plain to see that this cute little town is a haven for antique enthusiasts and tourists. 

Our first stop was a Uppercase Book Shop that was the most darling shop I've ever seen. Really, it's the book store that would be in a romantic comedy where the lead works and buys endless romance novels waiting for her own Mr. Darcy. 

Inside the window were an assortment of clocks that displayed the time from fictional places like Hogsmeade from Harry Potter, Panem from The Hunger Games, and Narnia from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe series. Absolutely adorable. 

There was also this book page chandelier that killed me. I absolutely loved it and it's totally DIY-able, isn't it?

Next door we went into our first antique store called Faded Elegance. It was probably my favorite store of the entire trip. There were so many neat things to look at that I felt I didn't have enough time or eyeballs to absorb it all.

Go ahead, take a look around!

There were broaches, old chess pieces, letter tiles, marbles, etc. in jars to buy. 

Mom absolutely loved this blue bread box that was sitting on the desk. It was only $35 which was surprising. Most of the items in the store were very decently priced which was quite a different experience for me. Usually most antique stores are so expensive that I can't even afford to look. 

I loved the old book pages on the wall with the hanging frames. This could be easily and affordably done in your own home.

I was in love with these old cathedral drawings for $24 each. 

See that old metal chest on the right? Only $125! Something like that would usually cost double anywhere else. I think Mom wanted to hug it and never let it go. 

Aren't these little plates goofy and fun? 

We next went into Victoria Village Antique Centre that had antiques from many different vendors instead of one huge shop. And it was huge! Full downstairs and upstairs which kept us busy for over an hour. 

There was some awesome stuff like these copper-lidded canisters for $35 for the whole set. Yes, only thirty-five dollars! I am still surprised we didn't somehow leave with these.

There was also some goofy/weird/creepy stuff too but that comes complete in every antique shop. 

Aww... I want some old windows.... :(

My brother enjoyed the record selections at the antique stores too. 

I want all the crates! These crates were a little pricey though, the cheapest being $75.

Then we decided to hit up a Snohomish town favorite, the Snohomish Pie Company. 

We each tried a piece of chocolate pecan pie which was really tasty. It was very chocolately with a pecan top layer but very rich. I probably would have been satisfied with a much smaller piece!

And... did we buy anything?? 

Yes... adorable things at inexpensive prices are my weakness. I got this copper bread box at Victoria Village for $24 that we plan to use in our someday bakery. For now, it can hold an assortment of things and look beautiful. (I can always love a good box.)

Look. At. These. Aren't they beautiful? $14 each at Victoria Village. I think plastic cake savers are more expensive than that!

This rustic, adorable sign was $14 at Faded Elegance. So cute. 

This charming vintage tin was also at Victoria Village was only $4!

I remember when the Norfolk thrift store had an assortment of these ornate decanters but I've never seen a Kentucky Derby one. How gorgeous is this?

What a fun day! And we only saw three of the nearly twenty antiques shops in town! Guess we'll have to plan another trip down the line. 

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