Friday, April 5, 2013

Beam Me Up

Last night my brother and I went down to the Seattle Center to the Pacific Science Center where they have a laser dome. The dome is 80 feet in diameter and the show was mixed by a live laser artist. Our laser artist was named Zelda which made me think of this because my cat's name is Zelda:
Laser Cats- a goofy SNL short in which Andy Samberg and Bill Hader use cats with laser beam eyes to fight evil. 

Yes, very goofy.
Anyways... here's a peak inside the dome. You could either bring pillows and lay on the floor next to stoned strangers or sit in movie theater seats. We chose the seats.
Here's some web photos (because there were no photos allowed during the show) that show what the experience is like. It was more than just laser beams being cast throughout the dome. The laser artist made shapes like we were following a spaceship through space, flowers, and people. It was impossible to find any other pictures besides ones like the ones below, unfortunately. 


There's tons of shows during the week with different artist's music set to lasers. Last night's show was the last Queen show so I knew we couldn't miss it because my brother is such a huge Queen fan. For $5 the show lasted over an hour; you can't even go to a movie for that!

The entryway and just a little bit of the dome: that's how huge it was with the door as comparison.

The Pacific Science Center is right next to the Space Needle. So gorgeous!

I will definitely be back for the other shows like Pink Floyd's The Wall, The Beatles, and even a laser show set to techno/dubstep music would be really interesting. And for $5, you can't go wrong!

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