Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Little Bit of Ombre

Our outside is still a little depressing and I'm trying to spruce it up as inexpensively as possible. When we moved in there were these two birdhouses just sitting underneath our carport and they looked a little lonely and boring so I decided to buy two acrylic paint colors (at around a dollar a piece) and make them a little more lively. 

And what better way to liven them up than with a little turquoise ombre? 

I just taped off where I wanted the stripes to be and painted .

I really wanted them to be similar yet different and that's why I decided to change up the widths on each of the ombre stripes. I think they look really cute together.

Don't they look so happy and cheerful now? They really go well with my turquoise and terra cotta colored flower pots that I'm going to share tomorrow. Operation: Yard Sprucing is well underway!

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