Thursday, April 18, 2013

Top Shelf- Top Pot

I was so happy to finally visit a Seattle culinary landmark: Top Pot Doughnuts! The only thing bad about my trip was limiting myself to only one doughnut (side note: when is it donut and when is it doughnut?). I had a bavarian creme chocolate doughnut while my brother got a glazed cake donut, chocolate donut, and a sugar donut. All of them were amazing and delicious!

I felt like such a tourist taking this photo- but, I guess I still am, huh?

Here's some better pictures of the inside- it was later in the day which meant half-price doughnuts but terrible photo opportunity because of the weird late day light. 

Each side of the the shop were floor-to-ceiling book shelves with, from just a quick glance, appeared to be older library books. I loved the style of the place- it felt very warm and comforting. The staff was very friendly too.

I overheard that a dozen was $17 though! Whoa! But, I guess that's what you get for landmark-quality doughnuts, right? 


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