Thursday, April 25, 2013

Underway To Do List

Russ has been gone a few weeks now and we've still got a little while before he gets to come home. I wanted to use this time wisely and get some things done that I've been putting off/haven't gotten to do yet. I figured with all my free time with him gone, I should be able to tackle a few things and goofy goals I've set for myself. 

1.) The weather has been iffy and I really don't want to mess up the paint or stain with it being too damp to properly dry.
2.) Our closet really needs a shelf for more storage and I'd really love to hang one for folded shirts or maybe shoes too which tend to fall out of the closet after being stacked on the floor.
3.) I recently planted some pansies and petunias in our little flower pots we got from Home Depot (for a later post). They really add some beauty, along with our ombre birdhouses, to our little sad exterior.
4.) I've lost about seven pounds or so since Russ has been gone and I'm doing rather well... usually. 
5.) I had a four day work out streak of walking around the neighborhood and then I got busy one day and the streak is over... I will resume this!
6 and 7.) I count my internship as a little of both.
8.) I've read two chapters in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and I've been too tired to read lately. I'm going to make some time because I absolutely fell in love with Savannah, Georgia and this book is so Savannah. (side note: I had a good chuckle while writing this because I accidentally wrote "Midnight in the Garden of Food," don't know where that came from!)
9.) I've been putting this off since we moved and I finally did it yesterday! I hate doing car stuff. I get bonus points because I also washed and cleaned out the car too. After almost two years it still has a remnant of the "new car" smell (which is surprising after a four day car trip with a sick cat).
10.) My poor Ian cakes needs to get his yearly check up and I've been putting it off since January. I rationalized that his booster was due in April so I might as well wait... well, it's now April. Time to get on that!
11.) I've missed doing some painting and I was hoping that I'd have some free time and energy to focus on another canvas. Haven't got to it yet but there's still some time left before Russ comes home. 

Not bad... so I've done almost 50% of my list and I've still got a few weeks of time to get my list accomplished. It'll give me something to do while I count down the days until Russ returns. 

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