Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Already Been Chewed

On my continued quest to see more of the Seattle sights, I went back into the city for a little "art project" and to explore around. 

I finally got to visit the famed Gum Wall at Pike Place which started in 1993 when patrons began sticking gum to the walls with coins stuck to it. They tried to scrape it off three times but just gave up after a wall. The result is one of the germiest, and most disgusting tourist attractions in the world. I guess some parts are several inches thick and the practice of placing coins in the gum is still ongoing- I saw a few while I was there. 

And here's my contribution! Though, I brought my own gum it made me chuckle to see the many new packets available and sitting around for anyone. 

Yum, yum! There's mine right in the middle of the screen. Sadly, my pink gum had faded.
Along the wall opposite of the gum there is a wall of street art. I love seeing street art... It's so colorful, quirky and weird, sometimes meaningful and sometimes meaningless.

And outside of the art wall area of Pike Place we saw some more street art while walking to the Space Needle.

We also walked around the old historic part of Seattle near Pioneer Square. 

Stolen Totem Pole that's been here for over a hundred years.
All in all I walked about 5 miles and the streets aren't flat at all! And thank goodness for sunny, beautiful Seattle days!

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