Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gimme Shade

So I guess that it's time for me to finally share my bathroom shade... I really didn't know how I'd write this up because it's not a tutorial and more like my trial and error of my bathroom shade. 

Here's what I made initially:

I decided where I wanted my hem on each side and made a pocket on the one side for the tension rod to slide through.

Then I used the Heat-n-Bond and ironed the edges for a crisp hem. It only took about five minutes to iron each side of the shade.

When I hung it up I knew immediately that this wasn't the shade look I wanted. 

I temporarily pinned the extra fabric until I got a look that I wanted and figured out how to go from there. 

So, how would I get to this shade look that I wanted? Well, I decided I'd take the finished piece and sew it up toward the pocket and make a loop. It also says on the Heat-n-Bond package to not sew through the tape. I decided to disregard this because I am a rebel and found out that it says that for a reason: it won't work at all. 

So, I abandoned that endeavor and worked on my second piece for my shade. I hemmed that all up like the first one so it was a finished piece and then: I just used sewing pins to pin the whole thing together! Sure, it's not a permanent fixture but no one is going to be touching it, you can't tell and it'll work!

I just pinned across the top near the tension rod...

And BOOM, done!

Sorry if this is confusing to follow, it was confusing for me too! It's really just my meandering thought process into figuring out this goofy shade. It only cost me a total of $9 for a yard of the fabric from Hobby Lobby and I owned the Heat-n-Bond and tension rod already. Still, even if you have to buy those supplies it's a cheap window treatment.

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