Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Whitewash This Project

It's that time of year again... time for the air conditioning to not work! I've been dreading this day all Spring long but secretly hoped that I was wrong. Nope. It's been about three to four hours since I've complained about it not working and now I've finally got someone here working on it (and he's more drenched in sweat than I am...). Makes me feel bad.

But I've been working on two projects today and one of which I'm saving for tomorrow. After debating for a while what to do with my picture frames from IKEA, I decided to take one (.66 cents each, I still can't believe it!) and whitewash it with acrylic paint. I wanted some of the wood grain to show through and it's a great way to insure that I can easily change the color down the road. 

After a minimal drying time I took some spare fabric from my other project and cut it for the frame. Cute, but it still needed a little something. 

Then, I remembered a quote on Pinterest that I pinned because it seemed to fit Russ and me so perfectly: 

I thought of typing and printing it out but ultimately laziness won and I just decided to freehand it. 

After practicing it with permanent marker and black pen. Pen was the clear winner because I liked the way it made the writing more delicate. 

I think it's adorable! And I'm done in time for Russ to get home so we can play the "What's different about this room?" game. He really hates that but I love to see what he notices and doesn't. We definitely are silly

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