Monday, May 14, 2012

Park And Thrift Store Adventures

I love the weekend and getting to spend time with Russ. It's nice to wake up and he's not gone for the day. And we get to do stuff like walking some trails in First Landing State Park...

It's funny how overcast it appears in the picture. It was actually a pretty beautiful day...

These are pretty much the only flowers I came upon in our four miles of walking. It was mostly just trees and swamp area with a few little crabs walking around on the shoreline. 

Trees and lots of bugs. I'm kinda more of an indoor girl who likes to pretend I can handle the outdoors. Russ likes to laugh at me when a bug buzzes at my ear and I yelp and run away. He thinks I'm kind of ridiculous though.

When we got into the car to leave, I placed my water bottle on my lap. As Russ got into the car he said, "Uh... Ashley?" and I looked down and there's a huge wasp just hanging out on my water bottle lid. I screamed (of course) and threw the bottle out onto the parking lot. I think that was the best way to get out of the situation. He thinks I overreacted. No way! If something has stingers, all bets are off and I will do what I have to to get away from it!

The only thing I'm pretty much not afraid of in this park are these tortoises. I would say butterflies too but last time we were on a walk one flew at my face and I screamed. Russ, of course, will not let me forget this and reminds me all the time that I'm, "even scared of butterflies!" I'm not but he won't listen. 

Other than running away from bugs this weekend, I also picked up a few odds and ends things. I found this... wooden thingy(?) for $5.99 at the thrift store and I instantly thought of multiple holidays I could use it for... decorating it with different candles and perhaps Christmas balls?

I'm also thinking... to paint or not to paint? I mean, at first I definitely saw it painted and distressed in white or a bold turquoise. But now... the cute wood patterned rings sort of grew on me. 

This set up is pretty girly for me but I think it looks kind of nice. We'll see how long I'm feeling girly and keeping it like this. I may paint it in the future but I'm kind of enjoying the wood tone. 

And I love the shape of this and the designs in the glass. It was $7.99 at TJ Maxx and I really couldn't resist buying it! I'm trying it out in the living room right now but I've got plans to move it into the bathroom sometime or onto my nightstand to hold my frequently used jewelry (the top actually opens for storage). 

I hope everyone had a nice (and bug-free) weekend! 

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