Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Classy Like That

For the last few days I've been working at break-neck speed on my two KISS paintings that someone ordered from me about two or three weeks ago. Yeah, they take up a TON of time and it doesn't help that I'm super meticulous and a perfectionist. 

I'm hoping to get them out by next Tuesday and get my $175. :) I'm really happy with how they're coming out, they look great.

Other than that, I've been day dreaming out loud about getting a bakery started sometime in the next year or two.

I've also cleaned out my junk drawer and it is wonderful to actually be able to find things!

And since my venture into junk drawer organization was a spontaneous event, I didn't have any drawer organizers on hand so I made do...

I love how the other day I was creating rooms that totaled up to around 5K a piece and I'm organizing my drawers with cardboard boxes reinforced with duct tape. What can I say? I'm classy like that.

Just solving a problem using what I've got...

1.) glue
2.) Ian's Stuff- tags, flea meds, brushes, etc.
3.) calculator
4.) apartment lease info, parking passes, Ian's paperwork underneath
5.) random items like batteries and rubber bands corralled by part of an egg carton
6.) random storage compartment
7.) my tape stash
8.) stuff I use all the time like my phone charger and reusable battery charger

Very fancy, right?

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