Sunday, May 27, 2012

Charlottle Goods!

I got a few things on the Charlotte trip and I actually didn't end up spending that much money.

A cute and colorful muffin apron for $8

3 Frames- $1.99, Measuring spoons- $2.99, Spatula- .59

Plant tin- .79, Plant- $7.99 (Usually over $12 @ TJ Maxx!)
Despite needing one several times over the last two years, I still didn't have an ironing board. Couldn't pass this one up for the price!

Tabletop ironing board $4.99

Plant $3.99, Plant tin .79
Russ saw this pillow and immediately pointed it out to me because he knows it's so me.

Awesome Pillow $12.99
I got a long-lasting souvenir... a twisty bamboo!

Bamboo $2.99, Small green vase $3.99
I also stopped at Hobby Lobby and picked up this cute kitchen tin.


And World Market...

Votive $1.99
This napkin is going to live another life as a lampshade...

Napkin $3.99
These are reusable ice... spheres. They've got distilled water in them and you freeze them to use instead of ice cubes that water down your drink!

24 for $4.99
I think I made out pretty well! :D

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