Thursday, May 31, 2012

From Lame To Lamp!

Yesterday I finally accomplished something I've been putting off for months: recovering my boring lampshade. 

My first attempt at jazzing this lamp up was less than stellar...

So I found a beautifully patterned napkin at World Market for $3.99 and went to work.

Ironed it out...

Got my glue gun ready and my glue (that I mixed with a little water)...

Cut the edges of the napkin off because I just wanted a simple edge.

And, there are places that give great instructions but I just decided to wing it since my pattern didn't really have to match. It's probably also easier to cover a drum shade that doesn't taper at the top like mine. 

I just coated the shade with my glue-water mixture as I went along and smoothed it down.

Pins helped keep the edges down as it was drying.

I used the glue gun to fold the excess fabric under the shade.

Cutting notches in the fabric seemed to help the edges fold down cleaner. 

Since my fabric wasn't long enough I ended up having to adhere two different pieces to the lamp. I used the iron to iron down the edges that I folded over for a clean look and used the glue gun to secure it.

Not bad for my first lampshade attempt, right?

Here it is when it's on... 

And unfortunately the previous design still shines through but I just turn that around to the back and no one knows but me...

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