Saturday, May 5, 2012


Here's my final projects for my Cake I/II class. Hopefully my instructor will be able to get together enough time and people for a Cake Decorating III class before too long... I think my projects came out rather well today.

Yeah, the grease spots around the piping looks a little gross but it's just from the butter and shortening...

No... clowns aren't creepy... he's not... like... maniacally rubbing his hands together and contemplating ways to destroy you... or anything. Just... you know... a happy clown...

I'm really pleased with how nicely the ruffles on the bottom of the dress came out!

I think the beehive is just adorable!


  1. Love your blog, love the redesign. (No more comic sans yay!) I can't believe they are still using some of those projects. I remember my grandmother making those creepy clown cakes like 20 years ago (despite the massive geographic distance- I am in Nebraska) and she totally did the doll one for my twin and I's first birthday, which was 27 years ago. Maybe it is a Navy Wife thing? :)

  2. Hi, thanks for reading! :) I guess it's because my instructor is old (I think she's in her 80's) that she chose these projects. That's my only guess because mostly everyone in my class was creeped out by the clowns.

    And comic sans?! Ahh! It was never comic sans on my end, that's horrible!