Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I've Been Framed!

In about nineteen days I get to start my first official cake decorating class!  It's three Saturdays from the 21st to the 5th of May for three hours each class.  I'm psyched.  Totally psyched.  Now, I know I won't be making awesome things like this at first...

From Pinterest (forgive me, I did try to find the original source). 

or this...

Pinterest again...
But maybe one day.  This first class could be a stepping stone to greater cake decorating endeavors. I still have to buy my decorating supplies ($94...) and I'm putting off paying that chunk of change till next payday. 

Today I was going to produce some original art for my little wall near our bedroom window where my purple canvas used to live:

I've always felt lukewarm about the canvas.  I mean, it turned out pretty cool but I was never crazy about it.  That's probably why I covered it with white paint this afternoon so I can begin another project.

Since I was going to change the color scheme from purple to red, this canvas wouldn't work anyway so I replaced it with these two pictures that used to live above my bed.

I just framed the rose painting that I made in high school and used the "Kissing the war goodbye" photo that I've had since our old apartment.  I'm kinda in love with this arrangement!  And... it was FREE.

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