Friday, April 27, 2012

Open Up A Cake... Err, Book.

It's been a busy afternoon: baking my cake, practicing piping techniques, and cleaning up the huge mess that I tend to make in the kitchen.

I covered my cake board with the provided green foil.

I mixed together the batter.

Then, I flung some mini cupcake liners into the batter because they toppled out of the cabinet! What are the chances?

Into the oven...

And done!

I had to shave some of the top off to make it flatter... and try hard not to eat the leftovers...

Russ gets a cupcake 'treat' for later... get it? Because the cupcake liners are Halloween?  There's a jack-o-lantern on the bottom... it's all I had!

This is for practicing piping icing. 1) it doesn't go bad. 2) it's infinitely reusable...

3) it's not the same as royal icing... and 4) after a few minutes it gets so hot from your hand that it turns liquidy... and clean up is a... royal pain. 

It made the edges look rougher than with actual icing. I've heard that it's supposed to work just the same but I beg to differ. 

This goofy looking stuff is apricot glaze that you're supposed to microwave and coat the cake with to seal it. It makes the cake last longer.

I feel ready for a nap!

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