Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Top 10 Kitchen Items

Here's my favorite things in my kitchen!

10.) Silicone spoons 

From Ollie's Outlet (a East coast discount store).

They're durable AND that curved part of the spoon near the handle allows for it to hang on the side of whatever pan you're using. So helpful!

9.) Collapsible bowls

From QVC included in a set of cookware.

The largest one is actually a colander. They're durable and a great space saver for smaller, apartment-sized kitchens. 

8.) Pampered Chef scraper

From Pampered Chef.

Everyone needs one of these because they don't stain or crack! It's awesome! It's the only scraper I can use to make red velvet anything because I don't have to worry about turning the utensil red.

7.) Silicone baking mat

From Tupperware.

I've only had this for about a month but it's really great. I've been using parchment paper forever for baking and this replaces the need. It's more eco-friendly and economical. Though, it wouldn't work well for like... making frozen pizzas because you can't cut anything on it but it works great with cookies (that's what I've tried it on so far). And it's got those circles printed on it so you can roll out pie crust. 

6.) Salt & Pepper shakers

Ninjas from, fortune cookies were a gift.

These guys don't really help me bake or cook (just season) but aren't they cute?! 

5.) Silicone ice cube trays

From TJ Maxx/Homegoods

I've only had these a few days but I love them! I've had to buy the plastic cheap-o ice trays a few times and they've cracked and broken in a matter of weeks. These babies won't! They were $9.99 but SO worth it if I never have to worry about them breaking again. 

4.) Pourperfect bowls and measuring cups

From QVC
The photo below shows the measuring markers inside the bowl and the edge with the handle is made as a egg-cracking surface that's extra durable (Psst: it's awesome.) 

The design makes it ideal for pouring (hence, the name) and the little wings on the sides prevent anything from spilling. They're perfect for pancake and waffle batter, brownie, and cake batter. 

And the set came with measuring cups with the same design.

What's great about the larger measuring cups is the rubber ring around the bottom which makes them stable and not easily tipped over. 

3.) Martha Stewart melamine bowls

I bought my set at the Navy Exchange but I've seen them at Macy's.

For one, they're gorgeously colored (they also had an ombre blue set). Two, they can't be stained. Three, they're lightweight and easily lifted for pouring. The sizes are great (the red one is HUGE) and I absolutely love love love these bowls. (Is it stupid to love bowls?)

2.) Zyliss slotted turner

Found at Marshall's, also at

I would have taken a picture of mine but, it's dirty and I don't feel like washing it right now (haha). I had a metal turner that I used without thinking and scratched my cookware (*gasp*!) so I was looking around for one with a softer edge. This one has a silicone bendy edge and the rest of it is hard plastic. It's perfect for everything: making eggs, flipping pancakes, taking cookies off the cookie sheet, making conversation (kidding). I love it SO much I just ordered another one off of Amazon. I'll probably have it forever and ever. 

1.) Kitchenaid Mixer

This is simply a baker's dream. I love this thing so much and admire it nearly everyday as it sits proudly on my kitchen counter. I even find myself making excuses to use this thing. I love it THAT much!

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