Friday, April 13, 2012

Moving On

I am feeling totally restless lately. My impending moves have really got my brain on overdrive nearly every spare minute of the day (and especially while I'm trying to fall asleep). I keep wanting to just pack stuff up already so I don't have to worry about it later. I want to take my stuff down off the walls and pack up my knick knacks and have it all ready for our TWO moves in the next six months. I want to find some stupid job just to put aside some cash for our move. 

In a two to three months Russ is leaving one base to go to another one across town. And that's not really close because he'd be driving 50 miles everyday roundtrip. Now mind, we just moved from that part of town to be closer to this base last year (before he was driving over 50 miles to and from work everyday)! I would go back to our wonderful first apartment except... there are no pets allowed. 

So, my mission is to find an apartment that's:

-Reasonably priced 1 or 2 bedroom
-Within 10 miles of Russ' school
-Allows pets with not a HUGE pet deposit
-Has washer/dryer in unit
-Has 6 month leases available 
-In a decent area

All that seems to be a tall order... Most of the apartments here are about thirty years old. Both this apartment and our first apartment were that old and clearly the first apartment was better taken care of than this one. 

After all this apartment searching I've got to ask, why is the pet deposit the same for cats AND dogs? I know some cats are well behaved as Ian but to me, dogs still have the capacity to do more damage. It's just frustrating to be staring down a $400 NON-refundable pet fee when I know Ian wouldn't destroy anything. 

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