Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend News and a New Debut...

So my blog redesign is FINALLY up after a nearly all-day-long ordeal of trying to put it together and I absolutely love it. I never thought I could really put together something so adorable! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do. 

Other than that, this weekend was my first cake decorating class and I must say that I'm surprised that my hand and arm is sore from the three hour class! I would have taken pictures but it was a small class (only 12 of us) and it would've been a little awkward. I'm going to post a few pictures this week if I can get around to practicing my techniques I learned (after my arm and hand rests up for a while!). 

And yesterday Russ and I went on a bowling-then-sushi date in a huge rainstorm that lasted for hours.

Russ bowled a turkey and I bowled... well, as if I were a turkey. It was massively horrible. I think my highest was 116... yeah... It also didn't help that my hand was sore from class (that's my excuse, okay?!).

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