Saturday, April 7, 2012

Out And About Browsing.

I usually don't go out shopping too often.  Well, I guess I should say I don't buy anything too often.  I love to look though!  I like to go to places like TJ Maxx and Homegoods just to browse the aisles, see if there's anything for cheap, or any ideas for things I could DIY for cheap. I also  look at pretty things I either a) can afford but it's impractical to buy it or b) can NOT afford. 

Either way it's fun for me and... torturous for Russ because he's by default my shopping BFF. He doesn't complain but he definitely dreads the trips to home decor stores.

All the following pictures are cell phone pictures and not that great quality. I just can't be one of those weirdos with a camera in stores. I feel weird enough as it is whipping my cell phone out and snapping shots. 

I fell in love with this ottoman but for $50... I don't have a use for it nor the room to put it anywhere.  Still awesome though.

I actually did NOT buy this box, amazingly enough. Love the subtle colors of the chevron pattern though.

This is one of those things I thought, "That's awesome! I could totally DIY this!" So, I took a picture as a potential idea. 

Just get a floater frame from Target or Amazon of whatever size:

Grab a piece of burlap from a fabric or craft store, paint a design and that's it. It doesn't even have to be as nearly elaborate as the one above.

Another DIY idea: shadow box + some wood blocks from Michael's + gold paint= this

I love how they look like puzzles... and sorta Escher-ish to me.  

Loved all the colors in this one but for $50... it's definitely not going to be a purchase I make. Could be possibly DIY-able?

Time to go shopping browsing again!

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