Monday, April 9, 2012

Envelope Pillows And My Sewing Nemesis.

I finally got around to making those envelope pillow covers for my bed pillows yesterday. Go me! I found an easy tutorial over at I wanted to utilize the cheap-o Wal-mart sheets I used for my curtains again and it took me a while to find a FLAT sheet in red. I went to three different Wal-marts before giving up until last week.

For $5 I had enough fabric for two pillows and then some. Score! I think I'm going to make an apron out of it for my cake decorating class (which... I am SO excited for!). 

Now, I pretty much hate sewing. I love the end product of sewing but getting there... UGH. I'm impatient and I try to sew fast to get it over with (which usually leads to problems and lots of cursing). I think I've had more problems sewing than any other DIY projects I've tackled. I've successfully made pillows, table squares for my wedding centerpieces, blankets, aprons, and purses and bags but it doesn't mean I enjoy doing it. 

I just think of the end result and that usually gets me to the end of the stupid sewing project... 

Simple and basic steps:

1.) Wash fabric to pre-shrink it if you're going to be washing the covers regularly.  Since these pillows don't get laid on or anything, I skipped this step. Also, I'm impatient and slightly lazy.

2.) Measure the length and width of your pillow. Lay the measuring tape over the pillow and allow for the curvature of the pillow. 

My pillow measurements were 12 inches wide by 18.5 inches long.
-Cut ONE piece and add 1 inch to your length and 1 inch to your width. (Mine: 13 inches wide x 19.5 inches long)
-Cut TWO pieces that are measured length minus 6 inches but the same width. (Mine: 13 inches wide x 13.5 inches long)

Press your fabric pieces now if you haven't done so for easy pinning. 

*Side note: the Instructables site said to hem the pockets after sewing everything together but I think it would be easier to do this step NOW before sewing it all together. 

3.) Pin right sides together (the pockets will overlap but you want that).

*Side note: here's something extremely lucky I found while using sheets... I wouldn't have to sew more and hem the pockets to make them nice! I just used the finished edge of the sheet and it saved me time and hair pulling!

Nice finished edge on the pockets that I didn't have to sew!
4.) Sew perimeter (about a half inch around) and trim the corners.

I don't have pictures of me sewing to demonstrate but I'm sure you get the idea.

Trimming the corners makes it nice and square when you turn it right side out. 

5.) Turn right side out, press if needed.

6.) Stuff your pillow in and enjoy!





This project isn't over. I wouldn't be me if I left those pillows blank. Expect a post later on down the road when I figure out just how I want to embellish these babies. 

And it wasn't just sewing that annoyed me in this project... Ian kept trying to play in the sheet while I was measuring and cutting. So much so that to get him away from my area, I cut the pieces and gave him the sheet to play with. It worked.

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