Wednesday, March 28, 2012

After 21 months...

... I can FINALLY use the coffee maker that Russ and I got for a wedding present!  If you don't recall, we only took to Virginia what we could fit in our car which wasn't much. As a result, the poor coffee maker got left behind for nearly TWO years (three months from yesterday is our second anniversary!). Poor coffee maker. Poor me for having to drink coffee out of my $9.88 Target special because I couldn't rationalize buying another good one when I had one at home just waiting to be shipped.

Sad little thing, huh?
I'm SO saving that shipping plastic for future moves... military wife, right here. I've actually got an entire box devoted to packing paper.  Yes, I'm prepared!
Ian didn't waste time investigating the box as soon as I threw it to the floor.  Gotta mark his territory, you know?  (With his claws... not... anything else...:P)

I would say today is a good day because of the coffee maker but... tomorrow will be the good day when I get to use it!

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