Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Springtime Cherry Blossoms.

Today I tackled my large expanse of red canvas.  I have to admit, it was a little daunting.  I just looked up a silhouette of a cherry blossom branch and ran with it freehand-painted it.

All you really need to remember is branches go fat to thin.  To make it look natural and believable, all branches start out fatter than they end.  The more crooked and knobbier the cherry blossom branch looks, the better it looks.  They aren't sleek branches so don't fret about crooked lines.

I had to do quite a few coats of whit paint to get it as white as I wanted the branches to be.  I really wanted them to stand out brightly.  I also had to prop the canvas up a few times, step back, and observe where I needed to fill in more branches to get it to look as full as I wanted.

Silhouette flowers are simple- make them look like pom poms. Just a bunch of random brush strokes in different directions with some bigger, some smaller. 

Stepping back to see how it's coming along... still need a few more areas to fill in. 

I borrowed Russ' game room pillows from his futon (shh!) just to see what it'll start to look like with a little more red in the room paired with the gray.  Love it. 

I've been dying to make a faux- upholstered headboard (which I probably won't get to do for a looong time) but this large art above the bed should hold me over. 

I'm in love with this bold color!

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