Friday, March 2, 2012

When I Go To The Thrift Store...

Now, I read a ton of design and home decor blogs and they always seem to find the quaintest, most awesome stuff "just down at the thrift store for $20."  I've tried doing that quite a few times and for all my effort I've only gotten a mirror, chair and a glass bowl for keys out of it. I haven't found any cool, mid-century dresser that needs some TLC or an awesome lamp I can just spray paint and it looks like I got it from somewhere expensive....

Ever since Russ and I first walked into a thrift store and we got a whiff of an obviously pee-stained area rug, Russ has not been a fan of shopping there.  In fact, he absolutely hates going to the thrift store but I make him go anyway because it's more fun to laugh at things when you've got someone with you and he makes a pretty good shopping buddy. 

But, this is what I find at my local thrift store.  No awesomely unique coffee tables, no interesting sculptures that could be spray painted and look like a Z Gallerie find.  Just... THIS:

"And welcome to your nightmare... starring....

The Creepy Clown Brothers!"

And nothing says "buy me!" like a creepy baby doll in a glass box.  Well, at least she can't escape and follow me home...

If these dolls weren't nightmare-inducing enough... the third one is missing a face!

The David statue has made it centuries without being censored.  "But not in this thrift store!  It's a family place, for crying out loud!"

David wears the newest in statue fashion, the Bandaid. (And for the first time in his life, feels very inadequate.)
Our next model is modeling a hot look straight off the runway... Post Its! 

A glorious bird for only $5, you can't beat it... with a little bit of paint on that frame, you've really got a look!

And last, but certainly not least... my FAVORITE item of the day goes to...

The gnome riding the snail!

It took me so many attempts to get the next shot because I was shaking so hard with laughter over something Russ said about the look on this snail's face. 

It is one of absolute sheer panic...

I should've bought this. 

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