Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First Apartment Tour

If I had really been thinking I would have started this blog back when we moved into our first place.  But, I really hadn't gotten into the whole decorating/crafting thing yet.

When we moved into our first apartment we had nothing.  I'm seriously not exaggerating.  We had just spent four days on the road from Arizona to Virginia following our wedding and we only had what we could fit into our PT Cruiser (hint: not much). 

This is pretty much the only picture I have of how crammed we were in that car...

I took this the day we left near New Mexico, it had taken that long for both of us to stop crying.  It was a very emotional and taxing day to say the least.  Leaving our families and friends behind to move across the country was very scary and sad.

That's clothes, game systems, books, random movies, suitcases, a lamp, some wedding mementos, and CDs for the drive.  No appliances, furniture, dishes... nothing. 

When we got to the apartment, the only thing we had in the entire place was an air mattress, comforter, pillows and sheets. 

It's amazing to me to look around now and remember how much we didn't have when we first got to Virginia and how many things we've accumulated over the year and a half we've been married. 

And I feel like throughout this year and a half my decorating style has developed, too. 

Here's the first apartment tour after living there for a year...

As we left our first apartment for the last time, I was upset.  It was the first home we'd lived in together, it was clean and cared for, and we loved it (well, except for the upstairs neighbors who STOMPED everywhere).   I was also emotional because we had left this for an apartment twenty miles closer to base that had the A/C go out on moving day and our oven broke the next day.

Yeah, apartment number two has been... so not fun. 

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