Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shopping Find: Old Navy

Since it's been getting chillier around here, I've been trying to find blankets that are cozy for Ian to snuggle up on.  

He seems to love fleece and I found this fleece blanket at Old Navy for $5!  What a perfect pet blanket!  They had a ton of different patterns and designs but I chose one that seemed to fit the best with being a pet blanket... animal print!

It's actually a very small blanket so it would be difficult as an adult to curl up with it and get warm.  Two sides are cut in a frayed fashion and two sides are just cut with no finished seams.  It's not the most quality-made piece around but it'll be perfect for Ian to get snuggly... and it was only $5!

Oh... and remember when I said something about getting smacked if I ever thought about making truffles again?  Well, they were such a hit that I'm getting paid to make some for another Christmas present.  *Sigh* How could I say no?  I'm going to make the cookie dough ones again and then try a new truffle recipe that uses Oreos.  Should be tasty and time consuming.  Oh well, I do love to bake... 

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