Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shopping Find: Target

Normally I would avoid any stores around Christmas but, I'm glad we stopped in at Target on Christmas Eve where I purchased this beautiful tree that I've been admiring for weeks.  However, I balked every time at the $19.99 price tag.  Fortunately, it seems, so did everyone else and they were marked down to $9.98 which was definitely a price I could stomach.  

I had my Target gift card in hand (the people in Russ' office were so wonderful and generous that they gave me a gift card for Christmas because of all the goodies I sent in throughout the year, isn't that sweet?!  I even teared up a little when my husband handed it to me...).   Anyways, I bought the tree and paired it with my green Target table runner that I bought a couple weeks prior.  Gorgeous! 

Target also had a smaller version of the tree in bright red for about $8 which I might get if I happen to go in there and see it again.  They'll probably be out though from all the Christmas decor scavengers I saw while I was in there last. 

I love my little snowflake candle accents which are ornaments that I got at Target (where else?) for four for a dollar. 

Except for the white pillar candles, everything on this table I bought at Target!  I seriously love that store.  It's a rarity when I go into Target and don't see anything that I want to buy.  I used to love Walmart just as much until I worked there last holiday season.  Now, I loathe going in there.  Let's just face it, Target is a much classier Walmart and I'd rather shop there.  Plus, my eyes aren't savaged by the clientele of Target like they are at Walmart (, anyone?).

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