Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Your Apartment Isn't Perfect

Today has been a very busy day.  I've spent the last two to three hours cleaning up our two bedroom apartment.  Yes, it was THAT messy.  It's mostly from me though because Russ doesn't make too much of a mess (the only thing he really does is instead of scraping off plates or bowls, he puts it right in the sink where it can get soggy and covered in water... that grosses me out more than anything).  But yeah, I'm definitely the messy one.

But, even with a ton of cleaning there are a ton of things that I can't change in my apartment that are aesthetically displeasing.  

Now, this isn't a complaining post.  I'm grateful we have a decent place to live and as much as I miss my first apartment, we couldn't have pets.  I'm grateful that I live in a place that allows me to have the bestest pet in the world.  All in all it was better all around for us to move financially (and Russ doesn't have to drive nearly 50 miles round trip each day). 

This post is more along the lines of 'this is what you have to deal with when you live in an older apartment.'  There's things you're going to shake your head at and decide that you won't be there forever so... you just need to deal (and decorate nicely to hide the imperfections!). 

1.) Older Utilities:

Faceplate held on by tape.  I taped it because it kept falling off.  I don't care about that as long as it works...

2.) Older appliances.  They don't work that great, but I am SO SO grateful that I don't have to grace the laundromat!  My stove is also old and broke down within the first week of our move.

3.) Crazy-weird light fixtures. 

4.) Bathroom weirdness.  See the loveliness corroding the mirror? My only guess is that water has creeped up from the sink (have no idea what people were doing with water all over the wall...) and affected the mirror.  I made the mistake of sticking my finger up there one time out of curiosity (that sounds weird) and it was gooey and icky.  Rental bathrooms can be a strange place.

This is the craziest floor I've ever seen.  It's one pro: it's easy to clean.  (But also difficult to see if it's dirty!)

5.)  General 'what-the-hell?' weirdness and imperfections.  Our bathroom switch (pictured below) drives me crazy.  Also, all of our outlets are upside down.  They still work but it's just strange...

And look how crazy-rippled the wall is!

Our cabinets have tons of space... some don't close all the way...? 

Weirdo butcher block counter.  Nothing sounds more appetizing than cutting raw foods on a counter that was installed in the 80's and used by dozens of tenants.  Yum. 

This closet door may look innocent...
Surprise!  It is barely being held on as it has no floor tracks! 
I know we'll only have to live here for another year and then it'll be on to a new set of problems in another apartment.  I just thought it might be amusing to share the strange happenings of a twenty-five year old apartment!

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