Friday, December 16, 2011

Shopping Find: Target

Ever since Target's highly publicized Missoni line came out, I've been eyeing these picture frames.  The one I wanted was chocolate brown but despite admiring it, I couldn't fork over the $10 for the frame...

Today... I found a chipped up one (probably the last one in the entire store) for $2.98, SOLD!

By coincidence I have nearly the exact same shade of acrylic blue paint.  I touched up the spots and then looked around my living room... blue wasn't exactly in the color palette.  It would stick out oddly and not in a good way.

So... chocolate brown it is.  Not even a half an hour later and it was transformed to this.. 

I'm definitely digging the brown over that bright blue.  Maybe in the right room the blue would've looked nice but it didn't work for my desk space.  

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