Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mocha'd It Up!

I hope everyone's Christmas and holidays were awesome, I had a great time!  My best friend came to spend Christmas with my husband and me and it was a blast.  I received wonderful presents, everyone was so thoughtful.  I am truly blessed.

Tomorrow I'll be posting on a few decor-related items that I received for Christmas (today was too rainy to take good indoor pictures!).  So, here's a little project I finished a few days before Christmas!

After staring at my turquoise mirror for a few months, I decided it was time to add some character in the form of some mocha glaze... just like the Elmer's glue project from last week.

I love the bright color but the mocha glaze on the canvas took the brightness down a couple notches and made the turquoise look so pretty and rich.

I just simply brushed over the paint finish in any way that I felt looked the best.  Some places I kept the glaze thicker than others for a stylishly imperfect look.  After about an hour of drying time it was ready to hang back up.

I love how the glaze gives it an aged look and the beautiful color is still able to shine through.  I think that it fits in better with the color scheme of the room.  And, the simple upgrade was free and took only an hour!

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