Sunday, November 13, 2011

Williamsburg, Virginia!

After wanting to go to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia since I was a young child (and saw their advertisements on PBS everyday.. for Wishbone! of course), today I finally got my chance.  And bonus: it was free for military and dependents!  Woot! 

It was a perfect day to visit.  The leaves are changing, the sky was blue and it was just chilly enough for a light jacket.

This was taken near the 18th Century working plantation. 

Where Colonial Williamsburg meets modern day.  Bruton Parish Church's services were just letting out as we passed.

The streets are so beautiful.  Strangely about 80 or so families live in and around the town ... that would be crazy to have to dodge tourists everyday!

We took a tour of the restored Capital building.

The Governor's Palace was beautiful and impressive.
18th Century design: beautiful open shelving!
I love the yellow with the bold frames and maps... love maps!
And yikes!  You can tell this room was for a 15 year old girl... the bold bedding was shipped over from India.
Such a bold color! 

I have a friend who would LOVE this color... though, I kinda like it too, it's fun. 
Love the crest on the house... if this was anywhere else but Colonial Williamsburg this would be SO gaudy.

And my favorite Autumn pictures of the day...

It was a beautiful setting only slightly marred by the possibility of unwittingly stepping in road apples... which I almost did multiple times today!

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