Thursday, November 17, 2011

Swamp Carpet

It seems my week has been full of... too much liquid.  It's been cold and rainy, my MacBook-coffee incident and yesterday's swamp carpet.

Russ came home from work and made a beeline for our bedroom and closet so he could change out of his uniform into comfy home clothes.  When his heavy, steel-toed boots stepped on the carpet all we heard was *squish.*  The corner of our bedroom and our entire walk-in closet was soaking wet.  After freaking out I grabbed my shoes and ran out to the rental office while praying that they hadn't left for the day.  

A maintenance man was in the office with the landlord and as soon as they heard what the problem was he jumped out of his chair and ran to my apartment.  Gotta love a quick reaction time but then I began to wonder about the extent of the problem.  Turns out the next unit over had a leaky washer that flooded most of their apartment carpet while the woman was asleep and she wouldn't have found out for a few hours had we not discovered the problem.  

This is all soaked, the dark spots are where we have stepped to clear out the closet.

Imagine water squishing out as I stepped...

Happily, nothing was ruined and we cleared everything out rather quickly before maintenance arrived to remove the carpet padding and to use a fan to dry our carpet before it could mold and start to smell.

It's still drying 24 hours later... not sure how long this will take.  My house is a disaster because the contents of our closet and bedroom was quickly strewn about.  I hate when the apartment is messy because it's hard for me to concentrate on anything....

This makes issue number four after: 

-One: Moving Day and no a/c and... it was JULY
-Two: Stove broken two days after moving day.
-Three: September and our a/c unit broke in the middle of the night causing us to run our unit constantly all night while it produced no cold air.

All part of apartment living... gotta love it. :P

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