Sunday, November 27, 2011

Picture This!

We've been having a fun weekend around here, just puttering around and hanging out.  It's been great. :)

One thing I've been working on is my new decor wall in my hallway.  

So, when we got Ian we had to find a place for his litter box.  Unfortunately the only space available was the closet where our water heater was housed.  And... the door wouldn't stay propped open on its own and had to be opened all the way.

Lovely, right?

Well, a few weeks back we actually discovered where they were hiding the doorstops in Walmart and bought one so we didn't have to display the litter box for all of our guests. 

And yes, that is a skinny closet at the end of the hallway!

Yay!  Much improved.  But, it then left the wall beside the door empty (ignore the pictures now hanging there, I'll get to that later...). 

It's not like me to leave any blank wall in my apartment undecorated, so I rifled through my picture/painting stash and put this tentatively together to camouflage the ugly thermostat.

Here's what I came up with as for placement:

I love all these pictures separately, but together they don't flow that well.  I love the R and A monograms but I really thought something simpler would be better.

After purchasing a $5 watercolor set at Michael's...

I thought of something simple to paint for one of the frames.  Ombre pine trees.

Not bad, but after messing around with a few different techniques I ended up with these...

And unfortunately found out that one of my glasses in the frame is cracked. Poo. :(

I really think they look pretty awesome!  And it was SO easy to do.  Just different colored paints with an 'up' and 'down' brushstroke pattern.  I like how the right one looks almost like seismic measurements. 

We'll see if they end up fitting into the rest of the picture wall but I'm kinda in love with them... 

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