Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jute Twine Christmas Tree

I've always admired the little cone-shaped mini trees that nearly every department store uses in displays this time of year.  After deciding that most of them are really ridiculously expensive (even ten dollars is... expensive to me for those types of things), I decided that I'd try to make my own.  

Pinterest gave me many beautiful DIY trees to oogle... (I've included where the images originated from... cite my sources, just like those bazillion college papers taught me.) :

Pinterest via bystephanielynn.com

From http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/gallery/member/217135-brains32192/1262982-vintage-christmas-trees/

From landeeseelandeedo.com

From pretty-ditty.blogspot.com

I found a tree form at Walmart for a mere $2.50 (which after a trip to Michael's, I discovered that $2.50 is a STEAL because they charge nearly $5 for the same thing!), I decided to use the last tree picture as inspiration for mine.  I had some jute twine and pearly pins from a previous project so this tree cost me only the price of the foam form. 

Simple... so easy and CHEAP.  The hardest part was touching that green foam and getting pieces of it all over my hands (I really hate the way it feels for some reason, gives me shivers... like nails on chalkboard or something... bleh!).  I could've used glue instead of pins except that I'm too cheap to buy a glue gun right now, haha.  But, I kinda like the way the pins look.  They remind me of pearly buttons going up the back of a wedding dress or something.  Very dainty. :)

Oh... and to my sincere happiness, my carpet is now dry and re-padded and doesn't smell!  (At least... I don't think it does.  I'll have to leave for a while and come back with a fresh nose to see for sure!).  It only took them SIX days.  Ugh.  And during those six days our heater also kept tripping the breaker and we had to have someone come look at that.  I'm ready to move already even though I hate moving.  I'm just feeling more zen now that my house doesn't look like a disaster!

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