Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Finding Your Place

... and as in your place, I mean place settings.  And that's what I've been fooling around with this afternoon and it's been pretty fun.  I just took things I had lying around the house and tried out different Thanksgiving table looks.

Look 1: 

The "table cloth" is actually a leftover flat sheet from my curtain project!
I love the bright green with the pops of orange with the black of the plates and candlesticks (which were $5 each at Target... cheaper than any thrift store I looked at, weird huh?).

Look 2:

I used scrapbook paper in an interesting pattern to act as a charger.... 

Look 3: 

Look 4:

These are random fabric squares I picked up at A.C. Moore because I liked the pattern.  Seeing them as place mats makes me want to sew them...

Look 5: 

I used some fabric remnants from my chair recover... 

Look 6: 

Just because it's Thanksgiving doesn't mean you have to stick to "harvesty" colors... I had a floral, thin cotton dishtowel that I used for a hint of color.

Look 7:

I used one of my scarves over the white sheet "runner" and I thought it looked pretty awesome for an elegant, black and white themed dinner...

It also looked really Halloweenish too... couldn't resist adding some pumpkins to see how it looked... love it!

Look 8: 

Another one of my scarves used as a runner... a $5 Walmart scarf, gotta love it. 

I really love this one, it looks very chic and sophisticated. 

Look 9:

Another scarf runner... this time my favorite Old Navy scarf.

Now I just have to figure out which one I want to use for dinner tomorrow... 

Oh and p.s.... I just got those cups that I have displayed in most of the pictures at Target.  They're plastic (!) and adorable.  I love that they look great but you could use them everyday because they're just plastic cups.  Probably would be great for a larger family with small kids coming to dinner so there's no threat of anyone breaking glasses.  

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