Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend At The Cabin

Friday afternoon while Russ was occupied playing Call of Duty, I packed our bags and food into the car and said,

"Be ready to leave in fifteen minutes."

"What? Where are we going?" 

"Just be ready to leave in fifteen minutes."

"Do... I have to pack anything? What are we doing?" 

He had no idea what I was doing and it was quite hilarious watching him react to the knowledge that we were leaving so soon. 

It took us barely an hour to get there, even in rush hour traffic... which wasn't really that bad because not many people would be commuting to a town of less than two hundred people. 

After driving on a dirt-gravel road for about a mile and a half, we went up a steep semi-circle driveway and there was our little cabin nestled near the Sunset Falls. 

A short hike from our backyard and we were at the falls which roared loudly and 

Russ enjoyed finding sticks and rocks to throw into the waterfall. 

This is how the trail looked- a little steep for an inexperienced hiker like me! I did slip on a rock by the falls because of my inadequate shoes and bruised my rear end and ripped my pants two hours into being there! I laughed it off but it really hurt (and still does). No big deal though. 

When the GPS said, "Destination will be on the right..." THIS was on the right and I got a little freaked out. 

Luckily I saw this sign in front of the place on the opposite side of the road and knew that this was it and not that crazy-shack across the street. 

And here is our moth collection! There were a ton... but we were in the wilderness. 

This was our beautiful view from our hot tub! Gorgeous mountains! 

What a beautiful and relaxing weekend!