Friday, July 5, 2013

Cooking Up A Logo

For the next week I'm going to be a little anxious because...

We launched our graphic design contest on 99 Designs for graphic designers all over the world to take a stab at designing our logo for our bakery business. For $299 we will receive up to thirty different designs to choose from and it's pretty risk free because if we don't end up liking any of them, we don't pay. Can't lose, right?

We took some time over the last few weeks and have been looking off and on at Pinterest and such for some basic designs we liked that we could submit as a guide for the designers. Here's what we liked the best:

It's only been a few hours since we began the contest and we have two submissions already and numerous other designers working on their submissions. We liked the first of the two submissions but we still don't feel like it's [the one] yet. It could be close. That's another thing though; we can give feedback directly to the designers. You rate their designs, offer suggestions and hopefully you'll end up with a logo you love (we've got our fingers crossed!!).

For now, I'll just refresh the contest page every once and a while and hope a new design pops up.

I can't wait to share the winner- this is basically step ONE of beginning this business. It's going to be a long, hard road but it's going to be so worth it. We'll be doing something we love and we'll get to share it with all of Seattle! 

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