Thursday, July 11, 2013

Out and About Browsing

It's been a while since I was able to bring you some cool browsing finds but truthfully, it's taken me a while to even find enough things noteworthy enough for a post! I don't know, the stores have been more miss than hit lately. 

Target usually hits the mark and did it again with these adorable metal chairs. I love them, even if they look a little uncomfortable. I don't know, I just see these little red ones around a rustic table in a cozy patio surrounded by plants. 

The green stools are cute too and would be an adorable pop of color in a white kitchen with gorgeous subway tile. 

Like this one...
I loved these coasters! 

And these feathers encased in glass appealed to my love for teal/blue and green!

What a charming little side table, right? I love the color!

This isn't home related but I love this bike! I'm not usually a yellow person but it's so sunny and fun... I want it...

While at Macy's oogling the rest of Martha Stewart's kitchen collection, I saw these wonderful  little display dishes! They were a little pricey but they were drool-worthy. 

Homegoods is usually iffy for me, even the one in Virginia was sometimes a disappointment. But sometimes... there's things like this adorable clock...

...or this cuuuute globe with a painted banner and plane on it (DIY idea, anyone?) that makes it worth my time. 

Oh, and these cake stands that are inexpensive, cute and capable of being customized with a new ribbon of your choice. 

I was recently at an antique mall and saw travel stickers! I didn't see any one with any personal significance or I would have bought some to display but they were very interesting. 

Also, these old college banners were worth a look too. 

And look at this bed! It's one of those items that can be beautiful and creepy all at once. 

Thanks for going shopping with me!

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  1. I want that bed frame! Too bad it wouldn't fit in my house haha