Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Makin' It Happen

Hey everyone, I'm still around in case anyone was wondering. I've just spent the last four days obsessively checking our logo contest and wishing, hoping, dreaming, brainstorming, and making decisions. 

If anyone wants to check out the contenders, the link is here

There's four days left in our contest and during this last phase of the contest our favorite designers work with me on making their final touches to their work. So... in four days we will have our official logo and our dream is one step closer to becoming reality.

And, if you think about it, picking our logo is not a small step. It's what will introduce us to the world and that is huge

I can't wait to announce our logo (or logos) on here in a few days because after that we will own them. Then... I can finish our Facebook page and other social media accounts and move our small little business forward. 

Exciting times! :D

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