Thursday, July 25, 2013

Smashed Seattle

It's been a while since I shared some pages from my Smashbook with you, hasn't it? I've shared bits from my Smashbook here and here before.

Since I've been in the Seattle area, I've added a few things to my Smashbook (which is the greatest invention since ever!). I have almost filled it and am going to need to buy another one. It really appeals to my artistic nature more than regular scrap booking. I like the hodge podge, collage-messiness of Smashbooks. I used to take the same idea and apply it to shoeboxes and made one for every year of high school and filled it with things like my rose from graduation, my driving permit, wristbands from school events and the like. Maybe I'll share those sometime? That'll be in interesting blast from the past!

Since we've last seen my Smashbook, she's gotten tatted up a bit... And now it's so full that I need a rubber band to smash my Smashbook.

Here's two pages dedicated to the trip my friend Nikki made up here in early May. It's got a postcard from the Space Needle and my ticket, a ticket for the laser show at the Pacific Science Center, a ticket for the monorail, ticket for the ferry, voting card from the Mobile Food Truck Rodeo, and a couple business cards from Slave to the Needle where she got her ear pierced while here. 

My brother and I enjoyed the free day at the art museum...

Here's random tickets and pictures from the Experience Music Project Museum and Space Needle from when we first arrived here.

Here's one of my favorite new pages chronicling my first trip to see roller derby!

This spread is dedicated to Comicon back in March and has blurbs of things we did and celebrities we met.

Best. Scrapbook. Ever. 

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