Thursday, November 29, 2012

Virginia Highlights

Hello from Crazyville! Today is cleaning day. Oh so fun. But, it's easier to clean an empty apartment, right? 

I thought it would be kinda cool to take a peek inside my Hampton Roads Memories pages in my Smashbook. I did another post initially on what I'd done in my book already but have since added a few things to it that will remind me of our time in Hampton Roads. 

I love to save those pamphlets you get when you visit places but, they used to take up SOOO much room. Now with my Smashbook, I just cut out important things like pictures of things I got to see like the USS Wisconsin and Norfolk mermaid statues (which, there's dozens of differently decorated mermaid statues all around town: has a gallery of them from all over; they're really cool). I also included cut-outs of restaurants we loved: Cal'z Pizza and No Frill Bar & Grille. 

I also included some tickets from when we got to see the Norfolk Tides play (on THE hottest day of the year) and the sailor homecoming statue near the Nauticus and USS Wisconsin. 

There's a cut-out of Harbor Baseball Park, The Virginia Zoo, Norfolk Botanical Gardens and a part of the menu for the most delicious sandwich shop ever: Taste Unlimited.

I also saved some voting tokens from the Neptune Festival Sand Sculpture contest and some pictures from the Stockley Gardens Art Festival recently. I have a receipt from Dog-n-Burger and a little ad from Cogans Pizza to remind us of our trips to the Ghent area (though, they were too few...).

So instead of having a shoe box or two of all these pamphlets, tickets, and mementos; I've got five pages covered in my Smashbook. It's also so much more convenient to browse through and I can actually look at everything!

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