Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pet Profiles: Ian Weasley

Here's a little post to get to know my fur babies a little better!

Name: Ian Weasley (yes, his middle name is from Harry Potter)
Nicknames: Mr. Ian, Ginge, Ginger, Orange Baby, Buddy, Ianie, Ianzie, Ian-Pickle
Date of Adoption: July 22, 2011
Age: 6 years 

Favorite Toy: fluffy green catnip frog or random shoe string.

Favorite Sleep Spot: Under the bed or in the closet.
Quirks: likes to watch Ashley put on makeup.

And sit in the dryer...

Favorite Activity: loves waiting at the sink for water.

Bad Habit: Chewing Ashley's hair in the morning to get her up for breakfast, playing with pens, and laying on Ashley's laptop.

 Favorite Time of Day: 4pm Dinner time!

Favorite Food: Anything with gravy (and sometimes just the gravy).
Likes: Laying in the sun, head pets, being talked to, the bathroom faucet, being brushed, yummy treats, chirping at birds outside, and chasing Ashley's apron ties.
Dislikes: Zelda biting his butt, Zelda being in his personal space, strong smells like deodorant, and being held for too long.
Other Facts: I don't mind having things placed on my head.

Whenever Ashley takes naps I have to join her.

And, boxes are awesome.

Tomorrow: Miss Zelda gets her own profile!

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