Thursday, November 8, 2012

Book Review: Young House Love

On Tuesday I happily received the book I've been waiting a while for: Young House Love! I've been following their DIY blog for what seems like forever and I've been anxiously waiting for their book to come out. 

And I was not disappointed!

Those are just a few of my bookmarked pages... 

I have some awesome projects lined up for when we finally move into the rental house (did I tell you guys that we were getting a house? I can't remember... well, we are. Does that mean I need to rename the blog?... maybe 'rental to rental'? Doesn't sound as cute to me...).

I loved this project which is using foam board and fabric or wrapping paper to line the backs of your bookshelves. It would be so fun to just switch them out at random!

I would love to take a sisal or jute rug and imprint my own design on it (though... that's the material that the kitties' scratching post is made out of so I probably won't get the opportunity unless I want them to scratch up the rug!). 

I liked this guide for choosing some classic pieces that'll go with many different decor styles- such a good tip for people who like to switch things up (like me) without buying new furniture!

I thought this was an interesting idea and it looks like something you'd find at Pier 1 or something. 

I've been wanting to make an upholstered headboard forever and I love that this one is so lightweight that I won't have to worry about heavily anchoring it to a wall (especially in a rental). 

LOVE this pillow made with a cheap Ikea cover ($7) and some blue dye. It would be perfect for what I'm planning for in our new bedroom.  Might have to try it... 

I love the gold-dipped look of this lamp. For some reason I'm really liking the look of glass lamps (which is sad because I haven't a one). 

I'm loving this look for a bookcase. I really like the colors they chose too. 

And those two gray vases: Target!

I'm in love with this dresser! 

One cool aspect of the book: they featured other bloggers who brought their own projects to the book. This coffee table was done by Katie from Bower Power, which I've been reading pretty regularly. 

In the back next to the 'thank you' page there's a list of their favorite blogs/sites for inspiration- I thought that was a great inclusion. Their readers get more decor tips and that shout out helps those bloggers get more readers; a win-win!

I would definitely recommend picking this book up. I got it through Amazon for $15, which is a steal, and well worth it for all the tips and inspiration it provides. 

The Petersiks write in such a cheerful, encouraging, and helpful way which makes them seem so personable and so relatable. They shop at places where I shop (Ikea, Target, World Market, HomeGoods, etc.) which makes their projects so doable and like I'm actually able to attain a wonderful looking home on a budget. 

After looking at so many decor blogs and feeling like I could never have a stylish home because I didn't live in the glitzy areas of NYC or have a huge, beautiful loft to call home- Young House Love has made it all very accessible, attainable, entertaining, and fun. 

Sadly, when they make their Richmond book-signing appearance we'll already be on the road to Washington. But, they're due to be in Tacoma, WA in January on the 25th so I'm going to try really really hard to make it to that book tour stop. 

Go buy this book!

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