Monday, November 12, 2012

Streaking Is Legal

Well, this kind of streaking is legal. As in, my project for today.

I've been loving my black and white abstract art that's been hanging in my hallway for a while...

Doesn't it remind you of a moody-looking tree line?

So, I wondered if I could replicate that with a few more colors for an even more interesting look. I had a little spare canvas lying around (when don't I? I should be called The Canvas Queen from the looks of my closet...).

I took one color at a time and dipped the brush in water quickly and then into the paint. Then I just streaked it wherever I felt I wanted the color.

If you don't want a blended paint look, I suggest waiting until each color is dry before adding another one with the same technique: dip brush in water, then paint, then quickly streak.

I wanted the colors to just peek through so I added some white on top of the color and I think it turned out really lovely!

Here is its temporary home next to its Big Daddy. 

Loving it! I plan to repurpose this in our new bedroom once we move since it involves all the colors I plan to use! (Gray again, surprised?)

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  1. Wow! That turned out really cool and is surprisingly easy to do! I'm trying it!

    I'm a newly minted Navy wife so I appreciate your unique perspective when you blog.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! You can find out more details/participate at my blog,

    Take care!