Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sweeeet Target Find

I mentioned these cute candle holders in a post a few days back and have liked them every time I went down the decor aisle. But I just couldn't pay $5.99 for them... no matter how much I admired them. I am just too cheap.

And then, the clouds parted and these babies wound up in the clearance end cap just waiting for me, sitting there giving me these eyes:

Second 'Puss in Boots' reference this week- whatever.
For $1.78 EACH! Why yes, yes I can do that. 

I was in like with them for $5.99. But for $1.78 I am in full-blown, fiery passionate love with them. Are they an awesome clearance find or what? :D

I stuck my Target 'silver birch' scented candle in the one and it fit perfectly (and even better, no messy waxy clean up later). 


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