Thursday, October 25, 2012

Out and About Browsing!

Want to come shopping with me? Well... technically browsing since I'm saving my pennies for our move in a couple weeks (which is between 36-43 days, gotta love the military and their wacky and incoherent timeframes). 

But, if everything goes smoothly with this move and we end up saving as much as I hope we will there will be lots and lots of shopping posts!

Oh, remember when I said the housing situation was finally figured out? Yeah, well everything has been tossed back up into the air! Oh well, I'm sure everything will work out fine and I'm totally excited to decorate a new place, wherever that place may be. (Especially when the Young House Love book is coming out in November!)

Anyways, I feel bad that this post has taken so long to come up because some of these pretty things at Target have already hit the clearance rack! 

Here's some cute stuff I've seen popping up there recently:

Look at this sweet, little rooster. He perfectly matches my cow creamer dish I bought!

This cute candelabra was $14.99 but I recently saw it marked down to $7.48... I really like it but didn't want to spend the money. 

These brightly colored box lids would be totally easy to DIY and would definitely cost less than $15.

There were lots of equestrian-themed decor items for Fall (there were shadowboxes with ribbons in them also) and I'm kinda digging it. 

This box is totally DIY-able too! I might have to file this away for later...

I'm keeping my eyes peeled for some new bedding because we'll definitely be needing it. Oh, and I'm kinda picky (and so is Russ...) so it might take a while! But, I thought this was kinda cute.

Ahh and these cake stands were so adorable that if they had cheeks, I would have pinched them! (But that would have been weird... a cake stand with cheeks would be actually very terrifying.) 

They came in an assortment of colors: yellow, blue, red, and grey. So, so cute. 

Now let's head over to Steinmart (which Russ absolutely hates this store, no clue why) but they had a few nice things. They had a great assortment of Christmas things that I had to force myself not to look at because the holidays are going to be totally crazy for us this year.

I'm loving everything about this lamp... but then again, I am a freak for chevron pattern.

When I saw these I though of my Mom. She would definitely dig these cute little old timey containers. 

Then onto Homegoods/TJ Maxx!

I loved this bold, red cake plate.

This chair, that someone has abandoned their clothes shopping on, has some awesomely chunky legs.

And these are totally unrelated to decor shopping but I think they're so fun... and I want them. 

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